SD Notary Problem

I tried to use the app today after 3 weeks.
Regardless of what app I try to notarize, I will get an error:

Error 105553158064768 in xcrun altool --notarize-app

Any help is really appreciated


Do you have multiple versions of Xcode, or have you renamed it?

Got to the version called, choose Preferences → Locations, and make sure the correct Command Line Tools are selected.

Thanks Shane for your fast reply!

I had (have) a dual boot system here.
So after the current Big Sur caused the problems I tried to boot with Monterey.
When opening my Xcode project there it told me I’ve to agree to the new terms for developers - showing all things in Signing in red.
I logged in and agreed.
After reboot in Big Sur no problems in SD Notary any more.

Thank you again