SD Notary: Notarizing made easy

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SD Notary is a utility for having apps notarized by Apple. In the near future, macOS will require notarized apps where today it accepts code-signed apps. The basic process involves three steps: a more comprehensive form of code-signing, submission to Apple where the app is checked and approved, and (optionally) stapling the resulting ticket to…


As always…many, many thanks to Shane and Mark for picking up the slack in a major way.

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This app is great. I thank you very much for it. I want to bring up 2 small things about it, though.

It took me quite a while to figure out what the “short name of your team” meant. I think that you should change the description to just be the Team ID (as it is labeled in the developer account page).

The second thing is that the app seems to get stuck in a state of thinking that it is still stapling the application after submitting the app via AppleScript. If I run the script again while it is in this state (or even try to fetch the log via script), I get this error “SD Notary got an error: Application is busy, status: stapling.”. But I can easily fetch from the app itself.

Again, thanks for the great app, just wanted to flag some small issues.


Hmm. We’re sort of using Apple’s terminology here: in the help for altool it’s described as <provider_shortname>, and if it’s missing and needed, the error talks about using -itc_provider to find it because Your Apple ID account is attached to other iTunes providers. If you can email me a screenshot of the Apple page you are referring to, I’d be grateful.

Yes, this is a bug that will be fixed in the next version. For now, doing a Fetch History in the UI should clear it.


Sorry this is so late - I sent this a week ago and just got a message from my server that it was undeliverable (my fault).

Here is an image of the page (the url is at the top, though there is also the membership id at the end of it). Basically log into the developer account and then select Membership.

Thanks, Scott. I gather the different terms relate to historical differences to do with iOS development. It should be clearer in the next version.