SD Notary new issue

I’m having a new issue today trying to Notarize an Enhanced App. This has been fine until today. I am running the latest SD Notary as well as Ventura.

Here is my error:

5:04:33.966: Error 105553149920480 in xattr: xattr: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/Users/myuser/Desktop/Automation Tools Export 2022-11-10/Automation' . A possible cause is that one or more files with extended attributes also have their permissions set to read-only.

Any suggestion? I just added SD Notary to full disk access and Script Debugger has same.

That should only happen if you’re notarizing editable scripts, and have the Lock main script option in Preferences -> Building turned on. I’d advise exporting run-only if you’re going to notarize an app, but if there’s a reason you can’t/don’t want to, you need to turn off the preference and possibly use your own method of making sure the app doesn’t modify itself when run.

I am running it on the exported run only. I read the log and it seems to be an issue “seeing” items inside the app. I have even tried running it on previously fine Notorized app and have similar issues. I am emailing you the log.

Turn off the Lock main script preference, and see what happens.

Nope didn’t work. Seems to be issue with Ventura or xattr looking inside the bundle.

Thank you @ShaneStanley and @alldritt The latest release resolved this issue perfectly. You guys rock!