SD Notary feature request: test notarization of existing app

SD Notary has probably saved me more hours of work than any other single application, certainly more than any other free one (thank you…). So I feel ungrateful when I ask for one more feature:

Could a future version of SD Notary test whether an application is already notarized, or whether a change that I might have made to its file has broken notarization? I know I shouldn’t need this feature, but I sometimes work with more than one version of an application, and can easily lose track of whether one is still notarized.

There used to be a utility for checking code signing (RB AppChecker Lite, or some similar name) but I can’t find anything similar for notarization.

Again, thanks for everything you’ve already given us.

It’s trivial to check from the command line:

spctl -a -t exec -vvv /Path/To/

The result’s source will be Notarized Developer ID rather than simply Developer ID.

Put it in a script and add it to your FastScripts menu.

Excellent - as you say, that’s easy - but only if you know how to do it, which I didn’t.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the source into a variable that a dialog can display, but I expect I’ll see the answer when I’ve had some sleep…

EDIT: I didn’t need any sleep: just add “2>&1” to the end of the command. I hope I got here before someone spent time answering.

Apparency is a good solution: It also includes a QuickLook plugin.

Edit: If the app has been changed, then the signature cannot be verified:

And here’s a little script that seems to do the job, with thanks again to Shane for providing the active ingredient:

on open f
	set filePath to POSIX path of f 
	-- if filePath ends with "/" then set filePath to text 1 thru -2 of filePath
	if (do shell script "spctl -a -t exec -vvv " & quoted form of filePath & space & "2>&1") contains "Notarized" then
		display dialog filePath & return & return & "is notarized." with title "Success" buttons {"OK"}
		display dialog filePath & return & return & "is NOT notarized!" with title "Failure" buttons {"OK"}
	end if
end open

EDIT: commented out apparently unnecessary line