SD Notary fails to complete notarize process

Up until this morning, SD Notary was working fine on my system running OS 12.6.1. Suddenly now when I submit, it never completes, just keeps saying “awaiting results…” However I already got the email from Apple saying it succeeded.

Edit: Before you try this, please confirm you are running version 1.4.11.

I’m not able to test immediately, however there was a bug in the stapler tool in some betas, which got fixed in the last couple I saw. Unfortunately this sounds like another regression.

Would you mind running a test? Process a test app, and as soon as you see the first “Waiting for…” message, force-quit SD Notary and find the submitted applet .zip filein the working folder. Unzip it. Then after you get the confirmation email from Apple, run the stapler from Terminal:

/usr/bin/xcrun stapler staple -v /path/applet

Let me know what you see.

Can you also tell me which version of SD Notary? Thanks!

SD Notary is version 1.4.11

I got it working again by deleting it’s preference file and all it’s caches that I could find, eg “HTTPStorages” etc

If it happens again I will run the test you requested again. When I run it now, it succeeds. I can send you that output if you still need it


No problem. It could well be a glitch at Apple’s end.