SD Notary failed, but Apple sent confirmation email about success

Hi. Today i tried to notarize an app with SD Notary.
The upload was successful (about 20 minutes for a 8.8MB zip) and also a ticket was saved to my harddisk, but SD Notary fails due to error 68. Telling me that the ticket could not be verified. The interesting part is that Apple sent me an email telling that the notarization process was successful.
Am i missing something important?


There’s been a problem with stapling caused at Apple’s end. I got the same thing, both in SD Notary and Xcode (although Xcode’s UI just leaves you hanging). There are a string of "me too"s in Apple’s developer forums.

Not exactly reassuring…

Tried today again and i was able to notarize my app successfully.
Will try late with an other app.

Thanks to the folks of Latenight Software for providing this tool.