SD Notary Error - Cannot Continue, Invalid or missing provider short name

I’m running Mac OS 10.15.3 & SD Notary 1.4.1. Upon submission I receive the error and log below:

Cannot Continue
Invalid or missing provider short name.

16:00:30.416: Checking if Apple ID, key for app-specific password in login keychain, and team provider are in sync…
16:00:30.916: Invalid or missing provider short name.

Clicking Provider Short Name: “Choose” Button Yeilds:
Problem Retrieving Apple Team Details
Error returned: (null)
Check that both the app-specific password and Apple ID are correct.

I believe the Apple ID & password are correct. I do not have multiple teams, so I shouldn’t need a name.

Anyone have any ideas about what might be going on?

That second error strongly suggests the app-specific password or Apple ID is the problem. You should also check your account; it may be that you have to accept a new developer agreement.

You were correct, the problem was with my app-specific password. My problem was that I over complicated the SD Notary process. I was not seeing the “Generate Password” on the Apple ID account page and generated an app password through Xcode and was using that as my password.

You guys have done a great job with SD Notary. After following the directions in the “?” help buttons to the right of SD Notary’s text entry fields, it worked like a charm!

Thank you Mark & Shane, you’ve provided a great service to AppleScripters!