SD Notary - doesn't rename output folder

I’ve just used SD Notary to notarise my applet. It was the second attempt. The first failed because I needed to accept the June 2019 Developer Program License Agreement. Because of the failure, SD Notary named to the output folder “[MyApplet] - Failed”.

After accepting the new license, the notarising worked. SD Notary advised that the results were in a folder called “MyApplet - Submitted”. But that was not so. The stapling did not return the correct result and so the output was saved in a folder called “[MyApplet] - Failed”.

Can the next release of SD Notary report the correct folder name ? Also, it looks like the “Failed” folder from the first attempt was used for output from the second attempt. So, can a new folder be created with each run ?

Many thanks for SD Notary. It really helps.


[Edited: I didn’t realise the failed spctl would cause the “Failed” folder name]

SD Notary always creates a new folder named ... - Working at the start of each run. The folder is renamed accordingly as the process unfolds. Each time it is created or renamed, if a directory of the proposed name already exists, it is deleted first.

I wonder if the second time you submitted the copy of your app inside the previous output folder, rather than the original copy, and hence had a nested working folder. That should still work, but it can result in confusion.

Would you mind explaining again the chain of events? You lost me at the part about SD Notary advising you (where?). A personal message or email would be best, along with a copy of the submission folder – thanks.

For anyone following along, I’ve had a look at the app and logs, and I think I’ve pin-pointed the problem. When notarization and stapling is completed, SD Notary does an extra check, running the spctl tool. This sometimes seems to return the wrong result, and hence the process is marked as failed when it has in fact succeeded. This may well be a timing issue, in terms of running spctl too soon after the stapling.

For now, if you see a dialog saying Stapling Not Confirmed, and The spctl check should show source=Notarized Developer Why it failed is a mystery, given that the stapler says it succeeded. You might try again., you should ignore it.