SD Notary and AppleScript

Before diving in, just checking to see if anyone has already created an AppleScript for submitting an AppleScript app with SD Notary? If so, willing to share?

Does this help?

set appFileOrAlias to choose file of type {"app"}
	tell application id "com.latenightsw.Script-Notary" -- SD
		set newDoc to make new document with properties {allow events:true, allow calendar access:true}
		tell newDoc
			with timeout of 10000 seconds -- because it can take a while
				set notarizedCopy to submit app at appFileOrAlias without showing dialogs
			end timeout
		end tell
		close newDoc
	end tell
on error errMess number errNum from extraInfo
	-- handle error
end try

tell application id "" -- Finder
	reveal notarizedCopy
end tell
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