SD Notary 1.4.4 issues

I am running into some weird issues with version 1.4.4 and had to go back to 1.4.3. Some problems:

  • On starting 1.4.4, the “process script applets only” option was enabled, and toggling the checkbox had no effect. Even when toggling it off, it complained that my app was not a script applet.
  • When going back to 1.4.3, I was able to disable the option and the setting was also effective in 1.4.4. But when selecting “script applets only” in 1.4.4, it happily kept signing my non-scrip app.
  • It appears that “Don’t sign enclosures” has the same problem, but I was not able to test that.
  • When submitting my app to Apple for notarisation, I got a hard crash the first time with 1.4.4, then did a successful submit in 1.4.3 then repeated it in 1.4.4 successfully.

It should be noted that I did a clean OS install this week so it might be related to something related to starting with a blank/clean config setup.

Thanks for the report. There seems to be a regression that’s affected “process script applets only”. The option is actually meant to be removed — it causes more confusion than it’s worth. The enclosures option should be working, but it always resets to off with new documents.

FYI, version 1.4.5 is now out. The scripts-only option has now been removed.

Thanks. I am using 1.4.6 now and no issues.

Thanks for letting us know.