SD Notary 1.3 and .pkg files

I’m very grateful for the .pkg support in SD Notary 1.3. When I tried to notarize a pkg file that contained a notarized .app file, the notarization succeeded, but stapling failed with these messages in the log:

20:53:43.317: Awaiting result from Apple…
20:54:24.044: Awaiting result from Apple…
20:54:58.905: The submission has been notarized and will now be stapled…
20:54:59.100: Error 105553155403440 running stapler.
Processing: /Users/edward/Desktop/MacPCLtoPDF - Submitted/MacPCLtoPDF.pkg
Properties are {
NSURLIsDirectoryKey = 0;
NSURLIsPackageKey = 0;
NSURLIsSymbolicLinkKey = 0;
NSURLLocalizedTypeDescriptionKey = “Installer package”;
NSURLTypeIdentifierKey = “”;
“_NSURLIsApplicationKey” = 0;
Could not find an appropriate “code signature” in the MacPCLtoPDF.pkg installer package.
Cannot download ticket. CDHash must be set.

Am I doing something wrong here? I create the .pkg file with this AppleScript:

on run
	set sourceApp to choose file of type {""}
	set sourcePosix to (POSIX path of sourceApp) as text
end run

on open sourceApp
	set sourcePosix to POSIX path of sourceApp as text
end open

on makePkg(sourcePosix)
	set outPosix to (text 1 thru -5 of sourcePosix) & "pkg"
	do shell script "pkgbuild --install-location /Applications --component" & space & quoted form of sourcePosix & space & quoted form of outPosix with administrator privileges
end makePkg

Probably I’m doing something wrong, and my only excuse is ignorance. I’ll be grateful for any help.

Please email me the Submission Log.txt file.

Sent; thank you for this.