SD Notary 1.2.1 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of SD Notary 1.2.1. SD Notary is a tool for notarizing AppleScript and Automator apps. Please see this blog post for more information. This update can be applied using SD Notary’s Check For Updates command (in the SD Notary menu). Alternatively, you can download the latest version from…

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Hello. I am curious will SD Notary work with PKG files? Thank you. :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t. I suppose we should look into it.

Thank you! That would be awesome! :slight_smile:
Have an amazing day! :slight_smile:

Yet another request (with apologies): I have one script that I’ve been distributing in a package format (.pkg). Is there any hope that the next version of SD Notary might notarize packages?

Thank you again for this terrific resource.

And one more request. By mistake, I tried to notarize an application that lacked a bundle identifier in info.plist. SD Notary crashed when analyzing it, rather than posting an error message. Probably this crash was altool crashing, not SD Notary, but I wonder if it might be possible to trap whatever error is occurring?