SD Forum Issues

I just noticed that if I reply to an email from the forum, the email goes to the poster rather than to the forum.

I know it would be tricky to get emails routed to the correct topic, but if that could be done, that would be a good thing.

Discourse provides a reply-by-email feature but I’m having difficulty getting the email server side of things working. At some point I’m sure I’ll get this working. In the meantime, its probably best to reply through the forum.

@alldritt, have you seen this:

Yes, I have. The problems I’m having relate to setting up my email server to support Discourses requirements. I tried doing it through Gmail as they suggest, but I ran aground somewhere and had to move on to other things. I’ll go back at some point and give it another go.

You might post the specific issue you are having with your email server to the forum. They are generally helpful and quick to respond.