SD 8 crashed when trying to open FileMaker 18 database

SD8 crashed while trying to open FileMaker Pro 18 dictionary. The crash occurred at 2021-02-04 19:50:38.804 -0800

I sent the crash report in. The date & time above is the time mentioned in the crash report so this post can be matched up with this post.

Bill Kopp

Question: Are you using Big Sur? If yes, FileMaker 18 isn’t supported in Big Sur, so this may or may not be a FileMaker issue rather than a Script Debugger issue. Just a consideration.

I am running Mojave right now. There wasn’t anything in 19 I was interested in.

Bill Kopp

Again, for reasons I don’t yet understand, your crash reports are not arriving. If you can reproduce this issue, please attach the crash report to this topic.


Enclosed is a crash report for 2021-02-04 19:50:38.804 -0800. This report was actually sent to the console reports.

2021-02-04 19꞉50꞉38.804 (34.3 KB)

Bill Kopp

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