SD 8 crashed 2/5/21

SD8 crashed at 2021-02-05 13:36:26.613 -0800

I went into the resources tab then double-clicked “Script Debugger.plist” in the “Resources” folder of the contents section of the “Resources tab” Then I double-clicked “Script Debugger.plist” shown in the image below and it crashed. I hear disk activity for about 15 seconds and then SD8 displayed a dialog saying there was a problem and asked if I wanted to crash Script Debugger. I crashed SD8 and sent in the crash report.

I relaunched SD8 and double-clicked “Script Debugger.plist” and it launched Xcode and there was no crashes.

Just before clicking “Script Debugger.plist” I had previously double-clicked “description.rtfd” and the document opened with no problems.

I’m not seeming a crash report at our end. If you can reproduce this, please attach a crash report to the post. That may help us understand the cause of the problem.


2021-02-05 13꞉36꞉26.613 (32.2 KB)

Enclosed is a crash report for 2021-02-05 13꞉36꞉26.613 -0800. This report was actually sent to the console reports.

Bill Kopp

Thanks Bill.

Can you send me the document you were working on? The crash suggestions the problem happened when you opened something within your Sscript’s Resources folder. I’m not able to reproduce this here and I’m hoping your document will contain clues to help me understand the conditions where this failure happens.

I probably still have my test files but I have to figure which file it was. I’ll work on it. I am not sure why the crash report went to a crash log instead of being sent by the ScriptDebugger crash reporter. For now I will sent a copy of all crash report files along with the regular discourse report.

Bill Kopp


I just updated to v8.0 (8A19). The crash reporter in v8.0 (8A19) automatically generated an error log without me doing anything else with SD other then launching. When I looked at the time stamp in the error log it was “2021-02-05 13:36:26.613 -0800” which is the same exact time stamp associated with the crash report in this bug report.

I have not done anything with SD until since my last posts hours ago. I am guessing whatever caused the problem with the bug reporter might have been fixed in SD v8.0 (8A19) and it is now sending out the last crash report that was generated. I can’t think of anything that would generate the same date and time down the fraction of second. I haven’t used SD in hours.

Just to be safe I am including the error text in this message. This happened right after I updated to SD 8.0 (8A19). Perhaps there is something wrong with the previous SD version I was using that caused the crash report to be sent to the crash logs in Console, instead of putting the text of the crash report into the crash report generated in SD 8.

SD 8.0 (8A19) fixing the “crash reporting info going to the console problem” seems the most likely reason.

Crash report from (50.5 KB)

Bill Kopp

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It is a bit crazy in America right now.

My test plan was to drag things directly from the “contents” section of the “resources tab” (show in image below) i.e. “Info.plist” and “Script Debugger.plist” to Xcode from the “resources tab” in SD 8, and “description.rtf” from the “resources tab” in SD 8 to TextEdit but the drag operation didn’t work for “Info.plist” and “Script Debugger.plist” but “description.rtf” open from the “contents” window.

I then opened the script bundle in Finder to Xcode application and drug the “Info.plist” and “Script Debugger.plist” files to the app. I deliberately quit Xcode before doing the finder drag before both files so Xcode had to launch both times before opening the file. Both plists opened. I changed a value of the bundle name in “Info.plist” saved in Xcode, then save the change, then change the bundle name back to original name and saved again. I did the same things to “Script Debugger.plist”

I quit Script Debugger and reopened the files in Xcode. Then I opened “description.rtfd” in Textedit. It was empty which is expected because it was a new script. I reopened “description.rtfd” in a text editor and verified it had the proper rtf formatting code inside the file.

Then I tested other stuff in SD. I decided to test a few more things with the script file resources that was not planed. I was just doing what ever came to mind. Then I did some unplanned test on the script and when it did crash I wasn’t sure what I did to crash it.


Couldn’t find the same script file I was working with so I just repeated the test. I might have not followed the test plan exactly the way I did it the first time. But this certainly can give you an idea of the kinds of things I was doing. All of the stuff I was doing at the time of the crash testing was trying to test SD 8’s handling of the files: “Info.plist,” “Script Debugger.plist” and “description.rtfd”. I enclosed a copy of the file I recreated for this testing. (9.2 KB)