<scriptname> wants access to control <appname> on every launch, unlike other apps

I have been using various scripts on Catalina this year, and have adjusted them to not have properties, etc so that they only show the " wants access to control " on the first launch of the script, but not subsequent.

I have one script however, that on my home machine causes all of the dialogs (system preferences, Finder, local files access, desktop file access) to trigger every time the script runs.

Thinking maybe the prefs system was out of whack or something, I tried the tccutil reset All command, but that did not help.

I cannot try it on other machines since I do not have the command line utility installed on other machines, but just very odd that this seems to only happen with this script. It seems to be something on this machine. I have another script that has several “allow access” triggers that seem to get “stuck” to , but it doesn’t seem as consistent.

Outside of this machine I don’t have any issues like this, on 20+ systems. Is there another type of reset that could be done besides tccutil?

You could try going into the applet’s bundle and changing the permissions of main.scpt to read-only.