Scripting SD Notary

Probably this is an extremely stupid question, but I can’t find in the SD Notary dictionary how to check the checkboxes next to “Disable library validation” and “Disable exec. mem. protection.” I’m sure they’re staring me in the face, but I can’t find them. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The properties are allow library loading and allow unsigned executable memory.

Thank you! But: “allow unsigned executable memory” sets the checkmark that’s next to “Allow unsigned exec. mem.” What property sets the checkmark that’s next to “Disable exec. mem. protection”? (Assuming that these are actually different…)

I’m not absolutely sure I need either of these for signing the SheepShaver emulator, but it seems that I do need some of these options. Until I get it all sorted out, I’d prefer to be able to set both.

Thanks again.

That’s allow disabled protection, which is less than ideal terminology.

These are very easy to check in Script Debugger. Open the dictionary and click the Explorer tab. View the document properties, and either toggle them while watching the SD Notary window, or make changes in SD Notary and click the Reload button in the Explorer.

I’m not sure I want to admit it in public (for it to be preserved online forever) that this is the first time I’ve used the Explorer tab view. What a terrific tool this is. Thank you!