Scripting Catalina Music App with BridgePlus


I’m updating old iTunes scripts that worked well but were in need of refactoring for a long time. I began that process after updating to Catalina.

Everything was working great while i was launching the scripts from Script Debugger.

But when i launched the scripts from the Music app (as i’m supposed to use those scripts), i get an error (“BridgePlus could not load”, rough translation from the french “Le paquet « BridgePlus » n’a pas pu se charger.”) when the scripts use at some point the BridgePlus library.

As my use of the BridgePlus library is light i have replaced it by small handlers and everything is working. Yet, it’s a pity i could not use that library in the Music app.

Does someone has a clue about that problem?

configuration: MacOS 10.15.3, BridgePlus 1.3.2

As of Mavericks, Apple apps refuse to load third-party frameworks, which means it won’t load the BridgePlus framework, and hence can’t use the BridgePlus library. There’s nothing that can be done about it, alas.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I don’t script a lot of Apple apps aside iTunes/Music so it will not be a big problem to solve, but it was a disappointment :roll_eyes: