Scriptdebugger v 8 upgrade problem — no registration number

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem. Just upgraded. After paying I get the ‘receipt page’ on website with a blue box at bottom which says 'here are your registration numbers:" but there are no registration numbers. So I think, “no problem, they’ll be in the email.” Except the email is the same way…no registration numbers.

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Same problem here. In case this helps sort it out, I was upgrading from a 6-to-7 upgrade, and perhaps the system couldn’t handle that?

I upgraded from v7 to 8…
Safari on MacOS 11.3

Me too. Bought an upgrade to Script Debugger 8 but didn’t receive a registration number.

Thanks for reporting the problem. I apologize for this error.

I’ve corrected the issue with our web store and sent emails containing the missing registration numbers to everyone why purchased Script Debugger 8. If you don’t receive your Script Debugger 8 registration number, please contact me and I’ll correct the problem.

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