ScriptDebugger 5 crashes when closing a script

Hey Everyone,

This issue has become frustrating enough that I finally created an account.

I am experiencing an issue where script debugger crashes when I close a script file. Then when I reopen either through the crash logger, or otherwise, I get the exact same windows.

I have deleted preferences and saved Application State, and reinstalled. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on.

This is the MacOS’s autosave feature trying to help you. It happens when you experience a crash while there are open documents with unsaved changes. To prevent the re-opening of documents, delete the com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger6.plist file from the Autosave Information folder within your Library folder. From the Terminal, you can accomplish this with this command:

rm ~/Library/Autosave\ Information/com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger6.plist

Note that the auto-saved document files will remain so you can recover them if needed.

Thank you for the reply Mark, However I’m on SD5 and that file does not seem to exist (nothing with latenightsw in that folder either.

I was killing the saved state in case it was crashing trying to write to it. Do you have any other suggestions where to look?


here’s the error I get int he console when I close a file and it crashes.

Oct 12 15:39:53 Ronin[1] (com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger5.112016[61535]): Service exited due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11 sent by exc handler[0]

I looked at the last two crash reports you submitted and the crash appears to be related to the Touch Bar on your Mac. This is an issue we resolved for Script Debugger in the last maintenance release.

As for the re-opening of documents, there should be a com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger5.plist file in the ~/Library/Autosave\ Information folder. Deleting it will stop the macOS from attempting to re-open the script. You can also look for autosave versions of your script file in the script’s folder. Removing those will also prevent the macOS from re-opening them.

I realize this does not match what you are seeing where there is nothing Script Debugger related in the Autosave Information folder.

Hey Mark,

Was this maintenance release for SD5? Or Just 6. Whenever I run “Check for updates” it just tells me SD6 is ready :slight_smile:

I’ll check permissions etc on the autosave folder. I’m not concerned about it re-opening the app, more about the crashing. If I could just close one window without taking the rest with it, I’d be happy.



Sorry, I should have been clearer. The maintenance release was for Script Debugger 6.

Unfortunately, this is a hard crash on a Mac with a touch bar. It cannot be avoided.