Script won't compile in debugging mode, will compile in regular mode

This is odd. This morning I was working on a script that does a little date and time manipulation. I decided to add the date data detector that I learned in another thread.

After running a few rounds of step debugging, editing and stepping through again, this line stopped compiling:

set myDate to current date

SD puts up an alert that reads:

AppleScript Compile Error
Scripting component error.

If I turn off debugging mode, the script compiles nicely. If I switch back to debugging mode the same alert pops up.

Since the script had run several times in debugging mode without the error, I expect that if I relaunch SD the compile error in debugging mode will go away.

Should I do that or would you like a sample or spindump?

If it’s a scripting component error, a sample is unlikely to show anything. If you can save it in debug mode and it still happens, it could be useful to get a copy.