Script weirdness

I have an InDesign script to place PDFs in InDesign documents. I originally wrote it a year or more ago and it has been updated several times with added options. I tried to open it in Script Debugger this afternoon and Script Debugger would lock up every time I tried to open it. The same script opened fine in Script Editor. Finally I tried resaving the script out of Script Editor. After doing that, the script opened right up in Script Debugger. One faint clue is that the script was 119KB before I resaved it in Script Editor. Afterwords it is only 57KB. Not a big deal since I got the script to open, but I’m curious. Anyone have any idea what might have been in the script originally that was locking up Script Debugger?

In order to offer an explanation I would need a Sample Report captured while Script Debugger is in the hung state. This report may give clues as to the cause of the problem that is causing Script Debugger to fail in this way.

How do you obtain the Sample Report?

This is done using Apple’s Activity Monitor application. Select the Script Debugger process and then issue the View > Sample Process command.

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