Script speed tip

I was trying to work out why a script I was working on seemed to be taking longer to run than expected. After trying to nail down the offending section, I stumbled on the cause: I had running in the background. Quitting it sped things up — by a factor of about 50 times.


This has been the bane of my existence for several years. Apple either can’r or won’t address it.

2 Likes seems like one of those apps that whoever used to maintain it must have quit / died / got fired and no one since has really understood it, because it’s gotten worse instead of better.

Sort of like what they did to poor Disk Utility… which used to look and work better.

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-> was redeployed to iOS

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I’m not sure it’s totally the app’s fault. I suspect it’s also a result of the new logging mechanism, which in turn has allowed a huge increase in logging. Sorting it all out is taking serious processing effort, it seems.