Script Library: Extra Editor Actions for Script Debugger

This is a collection of functions for editing text within Script Debugger that are generally present in most IDEs but are missing from SD for now.

I originally started developing these functions as @ShaneStanley suggested in Shortcuts for delete / copy / move line? by using ASObjC, but (at least on my mac) I noticed a small delay when executing his very clean sub-routine in his response. So as a pet project I decided to try and tackle that delay by bypassing ASObjC and noticed the performance time was better. That being said, if the script is very large (like a Script Library with a ton of functions) the delay does increase, but on my mac it still seems to be faster.

  • Select, copy, cut, delete line

  • Move line up or down

  • Select, copy, cut, delete word under cursor

  • Select, Delete, Navigate words in camelHumps mode

I execute these scripts via Keyboard Maestro (example below)

Can download from my GitHub -
Or below

ScriptDebugger (26.2 KB)