Script Libraries- referencing other libraries


(Eric) #1

I am writing a new script library that will reference another script library.
Is a ‘depth’ of two libraries okay? I can see how sub-nesting these things could get messy.

In CS class they probably teach how to handle object code.

Any tips?

(Shane Stanley) #2

There’s no technical problem, other than making it difficult to embed the libraries. I know someone who does it :wink:

(Ed Stockly) #3

Is there more to it than having a library “use” another library?

(Shane Stanley) #4


I had an example recently. A series of scripts for a client included two libraries, one with Adobe-related stuff, and the other with miscellaneous ASObjC stuff in it. For one of the handlers in the former it made sense to call a method in the latter directly. I could have refactored my way out of it, but I didn’t see the point.

(Eric) #5

Roger that. Thanks for the info.