Script Export Fails

I have a “meta” script (“Deploy Entire Branch”) that deploys and entire git branch of scripts.
To do this, it uses a repeat to call a deployment script we have that we always use to deploy scripts. (“Push Compiled Script”)
The deployment script run by itself works fine. It also used to work fine when called from the script that deploys an entire branch. But no longer.
Now when my “Deploy Entire Branch” script gets to this line of “Push Compiled Script”:
save activeDoc in POSIX file savePath as exportFormat with run only
It immediately returns "AppleEvent timed out (-1712) to the parent script.

So I currently can’t batch deploy.

This came up previously here:

I had for a while put the whole “Push Compiled Script” script into my branch deployment script… since then I forgot about this, made changes to “Push Compiled Script,” then was confused why my changes weren’t being applied when running “Deploy Entire Branch.” Then I realized I had copy/pasted all of “Push Compiled Script,” so of course I wasn’t seeing the changes.

There isn’t enough information here for me to identify what may be happening. We need a complete fragment of code that demonstrates the timeout error you are experiencing. Other questions: is this 100% reputable? Does your experience change if you quit and re-launch Script Debugger?

You originally reported this against a beta version of Script Debugger. Have you regressed this against the shipping Script Debugger 8 build to confirm if this is in fact a Script Debugger regression or if Script Debugger’s behaviour differs?

Since this is a timeout error, are you experiencing a significant delay or hang when running the script? AppleScript, by default, applies a 120 second timeout period. If you are getting the timeout error immediately, that is interesting.

Sorry, I thought since in the linked discussion, Shane said it was a bug that would be fixed in the next beta, that the bug had already been identified and that you wouldn’t need more information.
It’s 100% repeatable, I don’t get any difference in behavior.
I did not used to get this error on prior versions of Script Debugger running the same script. IIRC, it first occured in the Beta for 8.0.4. Then it still occurred in the full release of 8.0.4. Given Shane’s comment, I thought it would be fixed in the beta for 8.0.5, but I’m still seeing the same behavior.

The Apple Event Timed Out does return immediately.

However, since I posted, I’ve managed to trap that error in the parent script with a “try,” so my system is working. My log file the batch deploy generates is a bit of a mess, since every script it deploys now logs an error, but it’s not too bad.

I can make a sample test script… I don’t want to post my entire script, it’s much too long. It might be a few days until I have the time though. Again, I’d have posted more originally, but I though Shane had already found the specific error.