Script Error - Mojave - Growl

I’m trying to run an AppleScript on my Airbook which has been upgraded to Mojave. The script uses a shortcut key using Fastscripts. The script (Mojave, Fastscripts, Growl) is also set up on my iMac.
Everything works as expected on my iMac.
However, on my Airbook I get an error message: Error Number: -1728. Can’t find application “Growl app”.
The scrip works fine on the Airbook when run in the Scrip Editr app (only a problem/error using Fastscript hot key. As I said, everything (including Fastscripts hot key) works on my iMac (both iMac and Airbook use Mojave).
I.m not tech savvy, but if anyone can tell me simply how to fix things, I’d be very grateful.
We will be travelling till 6 December, so may not have ready email access till then. Thanks for any assistaNce.


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Under System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Automation, find If Growl is listed underneath it, try unchecking and then rechecking the box to enable it. Depending on what your script does, you may need to do the same under Accessibility.

I’ve seen or read about this problem with FastScripts, Keyboard Maestro and other third-party apps which seek to help people with automation. Meanwhile, Script Editor and other Apple apps enjoy “favored nation” status. Not a good trend.

Thanks, but that did not work.

Growl is not listed under Fastscripts in Automation, only Yojimbo, Mail and Finder, all ticked.

I cannot see a + key to add Growl to that list (cannot add an app).

I have added added Try, End Try, to the script where it calls Growl app. The script now executes under Fastscripts, but the Growl notifications fail under the Try statement as the Growl app cannot be found. BTW Growl is a standard install from the App Store.

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All I can think to suggest is changing the form of tell application for Growl, as sometimes the older-style references don’t work. In Script Debugger, go to Preferences>Editor and enable the check box “Reference applications by ID when pasting Tell blocks.” Then use Edit>Paste Tell to paste in a Growl tell statement which will use the “tell application id” form of statement.

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Thanks! Finally got it to work - no error, no try, end try, with your pointers and a little help from the Growl website sample AppleScript.

The solution was to substitute:

tell application “Growl”


tell application id “com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp”