Script Debugger Testimonials

With the release of Script Debugger 7 nearing, I’m once again looking for testimonials. If you would like to help out, please post your testimonial under this topic.

Anything will help. Talk about what SD has done for you. Talk about the great project you’ve created with SD. Anything. Just be prepared for your words, possibly edited, to appear on the LNS web site, and on our twitter and FaceBook accounts.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t imagine using AppleScript all of these years without Script Debugger. In fact, it has spoiled me. Development environments for other languages seem inferior and frustrating by comparison.

Script Debugger has paid for itself many times over. One of the great benefits is having a responsive team of developers at Late Night to help with continued support. There are so many features that I’m continually finding new functions to use, saving much time and frustration.

What a joy it is to work with a small, independent software developer who is responsive to feature requests and suggested improvements. It is such a contrast to a behemoth corporation in which we are subjected to constant change for little or no apparent benefit.

In short, having an editing environment for a small yet powerful language like AppleScript seems like a miracle—for over 20 years now. Wow!

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You’re welcome to pull out anything useful from the review I did of SD6 (wow, can’t believe that was 18 months ago already!). I haven’t seen the beta of SD7, but I’ll likely do another review when that’s out.


I go waaay back on the Mac to the Mac 512K! Back in the late '80s I discovered Helix RADE (Rapid Application Development Environment), an exclusively Mac RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System). After years of languishing, it was resurrected by its current owner, QSA Toolworks, who have recently released Helix RADE 7.0.4, which is now, finally, in excellent shape and running very well in Mac OS High Sierra.

I also go waaay back with AppleScript, and when I endeavored to write scripts to export data from Helix and into generating pages of a huge directory using Adobe inDesign, as part of QSA’s own AppleScript tutorials, they recommended Script Debugger.

Well, it almost goes without saying that, from its very name, more than half of its value as an app comes from its Debug mode and functionality!

Late Night’s tutorials were very helpful in teaching me how to use the app, as well.

Thank you to all for making and keeping Script Debugger such a helpful, reliable, and dependable application!

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There are a few mentions of SD in TidBITS’ “Tell Us Your Mac Automation Stories” page they put up for Sal Soghoian last year. Maybe something there you can use?

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Script Debugger is the greatest of all the tools in my arsenal. I would be doomed with out it.
Being able to peek inside a running script— seeing data flow through, watching its heart beat and catching any irregularities saves me time and frustration just about every day. I have almost 50 scripts that require use and maintenance. Some run on a fully automated or triggered schedule. Others run periodically and due to software changes often break. Script Debugger helps me figure out what went wrong and make fixes fast.

It’s rock solid. And the features are like the proverbial layers of an onion. There’s so much good stuff under the hood.

The implementation of clippings is ingenious.

It’s a perfect 10.

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I just started writing AppleScript last year, with years of writing java, c#. I had to support a big (2000+ lines) transaction script written in AppleScript with hardly any handlers.

I structured the code, with handlers and Script Libraries, which are both very good debuggable and maintainable. The total line count has doubled, but there is so much more functionality. Couldn’t have done it without Script Debugger.

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