Script Debugger Silent Shutdown in debug mode

I have an Apple script that runs OK in Script Editor

I’m checking the logic and i would really appreciate Script Debuggers superior capabilities

When I load a copy into Script Debugger, it runs OK.

But if I turn on debug mode it runs for about a quarter of a second and stops, without logging anything or showing any variables.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Kinda quirky that one has to debug the debugger to see whats going on in script that actually runs with out errors.

Are you really using the debugging capability of SB? i.e. stepping through your code, marking variables you want to see content of, etc.? Even if you show the log pan, you dont see any progress result? (you don’t even have to be in debugging mode to see the progress (command and answer returned).
That behaviour happen only when Debug is turned on?

Yes, I was really attempting to use the debugging function of Script Debugger. I had set up breakpoints, I was showing the log window, the variables window, the execution stack window and the results window. I had intended to run the script until it hit a break point. I clicked the " run triangle", and all of these windows remained blank. There is a button that indicates running or stopped, it indicated running for about 0.5 seconds, and then indicated “stopped”.

I decided that could still inspect the part of the script that I needed if I deleted about half of the code. So I did that, and the Script Debugger worked as expected. The various windows showed variables, events, execution stack and results, and the code executed to a break point, and afterwards I could step theough the code one line at a time.

With this, I was able to find some logic errors in my script, and refine the code…

It seems to me that there is some part of the initialization of Sript Debugger that encounters an exception and stops, and somehow that condition is not reported nor explained, so the user has no idea what the cause might be.

Perhaps the developers and maintainers of Script Debugger might discover the reason.

Is it a large script? The most common explanation for that sort of behavior is a script so large it simply crashes AppleScript.

If you care to email the script to support, we can look into it. Otherwise we don’t have a lot to go on.

It is a rather large script.

My comment is not that Script Debugger won’t run large scripts - every SW has its limitations.

My comment is that it exhibits a silent failure.

I will email the file to support.