Script Debugger (SD) Help in PDF Format

Can I get the SD Help as PDF?

Both the direct Help and Browser-based help lack adequate search engine. The Mac Preview app provides an excellent PDF search engine, plus we can annotate it with comments as we learn.


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I have an appleScript that converts the help files to searchable text files, and another appleScript that searches them and opens the results in a browser.

The searching is done fairly simply but it would be easy to add RegEx searching.

I imagine it would be a pretty simply thing to combine all the help pages into a single PDF document.

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Thanks for the offer, but I have found the Preview PDF search to be awesome. See advanced search in Preview.

I suppose it depends on who is doing the imagining. :wink:
I don’t have a clue.

IAC, that is unlikely to produce a usable/linked TOC within the PDF.
I have a SD6 Help PDF that someone produced. I’m hoping to get one for SD7.

I concur; I switch between Preview and PDF Expert; both are a superior experience, IMO.

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Hold my beer…

(In other words I think I can do that. Give me a few…)

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Here you all go. Sorry its taken me ages to make this happen, but finally here it is. This is a surprisingly hard thing to accomplish using free tools.

Script Debugger 7 Help in PDF.

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Very cool! (I’m working on a version myself that I was hoping to finish last weekend. What tools are you using? My tools are plain vanilla applescript.)

This post explains how the PDf was created.

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