"Script Debugger.plist" suddenly disappeared from my bundle in middle of scripting

Hey. I was just happily scripting in debug mode. I ran the script that expectedly generated a custom error message containing only an enumerated value from the file’s dictionary. (control sizing that I copied from Shane’s Dialog Toolkit Plus). Then I commented out part of a line that contained that enumeration. Then I attempted to run again, but got a an error that the script could not compile because the file was not found. (Sorry that I didn’t copy the error message.) I couldn’t save the file in debug mode, as it could not compile. I saved not in debug mode. Quit SD. Reopened everything. A new file was back in resources and everything worked again. I could not reproduce the error.

BTW in DTP dictionary, control sizing has the labels mixed up between large and regular.

OK. I was playing around with the same enumeration by setting a variable to different enumeration values and using that variable in line with the "create label’ command. After a few tries, I got this:
Mac OS error -30004

Switched to non=debug mode and script worked. Then I tried to change the script back to what it was before and got this:
Scripting component error. -1754

I closed and reopened the file. I looks like I got a new “Script Debugger.plist” as line wrapping and breakpoints were reset.

You can play with my script to see what it does for you. Wait, I can’t save the file because “File not found (fnfErr:-43)” The plist is still in resources. Maybe it isn’t, as I can’t reveal in finder or delete “Script Debugger.plist” from the bundle view. I quit and reopened and, sure enough, the Script Debugger.plist was gone. I saved in non-debug mode. Reopened and new Script Debugger.plist but I got the fnfErr again. Now, I can’t delete the plist and can’t compile in debug mode. I will just rebuild the file.

Here is file before rebuilding

and now I can’t save in debug mode in the rebuilt file in which I copied script and dictionary. I get this error “script compilation or run-time error (errOSAScriptError:-1753)” After rebuilding a second time (new script bundle, copy dictionary, set dictionary, save, quit, reopen, paste in script, compile save, quit reopen. I got same error in debug mode and now can’t compile in debug mode because of fnfErr. So now I can’t debug.

A fun issue has become troublesome. I hope you can help.

I’m pretty sure that the behaviors are caused by double declarations of the enumeration. I hope that you can make SD a bit more robust to noobs like me. Happy New Year!

Uploading file directly. Sorry about the previous DropBox link.
UtilitiesStanley.scptd.zip (28.0 KB)

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This is nearly always a permissions error. Check that you have given Script Debugger Full Disk Access in System Preferences.

Thanks Shane. Full Disk Access has been enabled since I installed SD8 on this new Mac. I verified again that SD8 still has full disk access.