Script Debugger not seeing app's updated version number

We use app version numbers a lot with an automated updating system we developed for our studio workflow. One thing that I’m running into with Script Debugger is that during development it doesn’t see the updated version of an app unless I save the edited app into a new folder or I restart Script Debugger.

To hopefully make it clearer here is our workflow:

  1. Develop app (let’s say it is named “”) and assign a version number. (ex. v 1.0)
  2. Save it to a local folder.
  3. Make more changes to and update version number (ex. v 1.1).
  4. Command + S to save changes in same location.
  5. When ready to deploy to our team we run a deployment app that we created. It pulls the app name and version of the app that is to be deployed. In this case with version 1.1. If we run the deployment app through Script Debugger (while debugging improvements to the deploy app) it sees the original version number (1.0) unless I have saved into a new location or restart Script Debugger. Not ideal with either route.

Any ideas why this might be?

The issue here is that version numbers are stored in a bundle’s Info.plist file, and once this is loaded, the system keeps the values fixed (presumably for security reasons). Unfortunately there is nothing Script Debugger (or any other app) can do about this.

The only other workaround is to read the Info.plist file directly. If you download my PrefsStorageLib, you can see sample code that does just that.