Script Debugger no longer recovering files after a crash

I’ve been having a lot of Script Debugger crashes lately. I have no idea if they just relate to what I happen to be working on now, or to the 8.06 release.

I’m not really trying to get to the bottom of the crashing here. But Script Debugger used to be very good about recovering intermittent auto-saved files when relaunching after a crash. But lately, it hasn’t been doing that at all. Because it used to be so good at it, I got pretty lax about remembering to hit [command + s] frequently, so now I’ve lost many hours of work over the past few days.

I didn’t see anything about the auto-save/recovery functionality in Script Debugger’s Preferences. Is there anything I can do to improve / investigate this situation?

As I work, if I check the folder the script is saved in, I am still seeing the “[script name] (Autosaved).*” files. But when it crashes and I relaunch, those files are not being opened, nor are they still there in the folder for me to open manually. It’s like the autosave files delete when it crashes? Or get deleted automatically when it launches?

I need to remember to try not relaunching when it crashes and see if I can go manually find those files and duplicate them before relaunching, if they are being deleted on launch.

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