Script Debugger looking for a server?

I’m working from home more, and I cloned my work mac and use SD on my home mac.

When I’m not connected to work via VPN, and I launch ScriptDebugger I get error messages indicating it can’t fine a specific volume network server I use at work. It’s only accessible from home via VPN, and the error does not appear when I’m on VPN.

I’ve looked through all the preferences and can’t find a reference to any file that I may have pointed SD to.

Why would SD be looking for a network server volume on launch?

AppleScript is generating this error. Presumably, Script Debugger is trying to open a script that references a file/alias/application located somewhere on a server. This is a long standing AppleScript issue and there is no means of interrupting the network lookup.

This network lookup may make it appear as though Script Debugger has hung, when in fact its waiting for the network to timeout.

One additional bit of information. I get the error message if I am connected via VPN, but the server is not mounted.

[quote=“alldritt, post:2, topic:1434”]
Presumably, Script Debugger is trying to open a script that references a file/alias/application located somewhere on a server.[/quote]

So, here’s the thing, I close all script windows. And quit SD with the server mounted. I relaunch, no scripts open.

I quit SD again. Unmount the server and relaunch SD. I get the error message that the volume is not available. I comes up three times and after the third time SD continues to open.

So my question is that if it is a script SD is trying to open, what script could that be? It’s not one that was opened when SD closed. It’s not one of the template scripts. I do a Open Quick with the volume name and find no script in the SD script menu, or any SD related script.

Right. And I think it’s the typical AppleScript error dialog. What I’m hoping to learn is why SD starts looking for something on the network volume in the first place.

The hang I reported earlier is completely unrelated.

I wonder if you might have aliases to script libraries residing on your servers?

Script Debugger, on its own, does not connect to any servers when launched. There are two situations I can see where AppleScript is given a chance to connect to a server:

  • a script is opened which contains references to files/aliases/applications on a server.
  • a script library installed in one of the ScriptLibraries folders references to files/aliases/applications on a server.
  • aliases to scripts or clippings folders residing on servers (within the Script Debugger folder in the ~/Library/Application Support folder).

Are libraries and scripts in the script folders not found with Open Quickly?

The scripts presented in Script Debugger’s Scripts menu and inspector are located in ~/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 7/Scripts. Script libraries are found in ~/Library/Script Libraries. AppleScript requires that libraries be loaded from Library/Script Libraries folders.

Right, but if I do a search for the server name in open quickly does it not look in those folders?

Yes, it will if the name is expressed in the source code.

The issue persists. I’ve searched all those folders as well as the computer and user script menu folders.

I do have references to the server alias in Text Wrangler and Indesign script folders in their application support folder. There are also scripts that have aliases to the server that are in the recent items list.

But nothing in any of those folders.

I’m moving this topic to beta testing because I have a little more info and I’m hoping it can be fixed.

I had set up my Scripts folder with aliases to script folders on my mac (not on the server and not libraries on a server).

These point to other applications’s script folder and the application and other folders in the system and user scripts folders.

Scripts inside those folders have aliases to servers that SD is trying to resolve on launch.

Removing those aliases reduced the launch time of SD from close to a minute to a few seconds, and eliminated the error when the server is not available.

Problem solved, but it’s really convenient to use those aliases when I want to edit scripts in those folders. I just option click the menu.

So I’m wondering if it could be set up so SD does not try to resolve aliases in scripts not directly in SDs scripts folder?

Or maybe some kind of UI feature (menu) where aliases to scripts or scripts could be stored and selecting them would open for editing only.

So a little more info to report.

It seems that if there are any aliases to folders in the scripts menu, that causes a brief (20 sec) hang when SG launches, that goes away those aliases are removed.

If in those folders reside scripts that contain aliases SD tries to resolve those aliases, and if they’re on a server that’s not available you’ll get an alert.

This has been an issue for me for a few months now and I’m glad to have finally resolved it.

I’ll try moving those aliases to the system menu, and see if that works.

In the meantime I’m pleased with how quickly SD launches, without those annoying alerts and hangs.

One more thing…

I’m noticing if there are any aliases in the Scripts menu at all, whether they can be resolved or not; locally or on the network, it slows down launching SD significantly.

If the contents of their originals contain scripts with aliases to remote servers that may or may not be resolvable, that slows launching down further and can result in alerts. (The alerts can appear even when the remove volume referenced in a script is available).