Script Debugger for 68K Macs?

A while ago, Mark very generously made SD 3 available for those of us who write AppleScripts in the SheepShaver PPC emulator (or, for all I know, on real PPC Macs). And now the moderator of the WordPerfectMac group has found a copy of SD 1 which runs on 68K Macs (and the BasiliskII emulator); the moderator guesses that if Mark is comfortable with SD 3 being available free, then it’s probably OK to distribute version 1 also. If that’s wrong, Mark, I hope you’ll let us know.

My question here is: If it’s OK to use pre-version-3 SD, does anyone have a copy of SD 2 - if in fact that runs on 68K Macs? (Version 3 requires PPC.) And, Mark, if it turns up and if it runs on 68K Macs, please let me know if there’s any reason not to use it my BasiliskII-based apps.

I thought I was the only one using SheepShaver. I use it for HyperCard, and have SD3 and Scriptor installed.

Is there a reason SD1 would be preferred?

For SheepShaver, which emulates a PPC Mac, SD3 is definitely preferred. The question was about a version for BasiliskII, which is a 68K emulator that lets you run System 7. SD3 won’t run on 68K Macs, and SD1 will run on them.

What I’m hoping to find out is (1) if SD2 will run on 68K Macs and (2) if so, is Mark agreeable to it being made available, and (3) if both (1) and (2) are true, is there a copy of SD2 to be found?

Where did you find Scriptor, by the way?

And just showed me that SD 2.0 requires a PPC machine, so SD 1.x is the only choice for 68K after all.

On the install disk from the developer (I don’t throw things away)

I’d never heard of Scriptor - and the only reference I found to something with the same name was to a program for film-script writers. Is your Scriptor for AppleScripters or that program? (Just curious, and if I’m wasting bandwidth here, tell me to shut up.)

I suspect Ed means Scripter, which was another third-party script editor in the early days.

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Embarrassingly, I cannot find the Script Debugger 1 installer among my archives. I have the Script Debugger 1.0.5 update, but not the original installer on which it operates. I have a collection of original Script Debugger floppy disks but no device capable of reading them.

I have two Script Debugger Demo Installer Classic apps on CDs, one dated January 1997 and the other October 1997. Also Script Debugger 1.0.4 Patch.

This is from the WordPerfectMac Yahoo group. You would need to register with the group to download it from the files section, so here it is. It contains 1.0.3 and the 1.0.5 updater:

Script Debugger (3.4 MB)

I also used to retrieve the PDFs that made up the original manual, combined them in a single PDF (which looked terrible on a Mac because current Macs no longer have the original PostScript fonts), and then used a Windows PDF creator to produce this readable version: (1.7 MB)