Script Debugger Crash 8.0 (8A18) 2/1/21

I am running Mojave OS.

A dialog came up telling me I needed to grant full system access for something then I accidentally clicked a button and the dialog disappeared and SD 8 crashed. Unfortunately I dismissed the the dialog by accident so I can’t include the text in the report.

I am not sure why the “full system access” dialog came up this time. I had previously granted “full system access” to SD 8, but I never got a chance to read the full dialog text before the dialog was gone.

I don’t know how to get any further information out of the Console for Mojave OS. I sent the crash report from Script Debugger in. The time was 2021-02-01 17:10:28.591 -0800.

Bill Kopp

If you are able to reproduce this crash, please provide a crash report here.


Below is a crash report for 2021-02-01 17꞉10꞉28.591 -0800. I enclosed a crash report. This report was actually sent to the console reports.

2021-02-01 17꞉10꞉28.591 (34.3 KB)

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