Script Debugger.component in Trash

Since upgrading to Script Debugger 6, every time I launch Script Debugger, a 1.7MB file named Script Debugger.component, with modification date of June 14, 2016, appears in my trash folder. Why?

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Script Debugger installs a fresh copy of Script Debugger.component. In the upcoming Script Debugger 6.0.1 maintenance release we’ll simply delete the old version(s) instead of moving them to the trash.

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Thanks, Mark. It would be interesting to know why Script Debugger operates that way, but good to know the replaced files will no longer end up in the trash in SD 6.0.1.

At one time I had a complex system of version checks to determine if the component should be replaced, but it turned out to be simpler to install a fresh copy each time Script Debugger is launched. This was mostly a result of having to deal with customers using multiple versions of Script Debugger.

As for the moving to the trash rather then simply deleting the component, I cant remember clearly when and how that came into being. I expect I was forced off one API onto another due to API deprecation by Apple and I chose the wrong alternative.

Thanks for the explanation. The change had to be during the development of Script Debugger 6, because SD5 didn’t do that.