Script Debugger 8

What is the reason that SD8 won’t run on High Sierra? I’m on an older MacPro system and High Sierra is about as far as I want to go on this old hardware. Thanks…


ps – about the “support for iOS and Safari versions 13 and below” – does that apply to only iOS for Safari 13 and lower, or to macOS and Safari 13 and lower as well? Thanks…

We limit Script Debugger support for macOS versions to keep our testing manageable. We do not have the resources to test Script Debugger under more than the current Mac OS version - 1 at time of release.

We can provide a registration number for Script Debugger 7 which will run on High Sierra. Just contact me at with your Script Debugger 8 order information and I’ll get you all set up.

Was trying to find out what versions of macOS Script Debugger version 8 will actually run on, not supported on (perhaps these are the same). In other words is there something in the version 8 app that will just flat out prevent it from running on the older macOS versions?

If it’s the case that SD8 will indeed try to run on older macOS versions, and we are without support on the older macOS versions, is there any desire to have issues/bugs/questions reported to you or asked on the forum?

So, since the Script Debugger 8 was released in May 3, 2021, when the current version of macOS was Big Sur, macOS 11.0, then that would imply that Script Debugger is only supported on Catalina and newer macOS versions (so Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey and now Ventura), and Script Debugger 8 customers on anything older than macOS Catalina, are not?



ps - I just looked at the requirements for SD8 and it says Mojave is required, so that’s two versions back of Big Sur, not the 1 that Mark talked about above. So which is it – minus one or minus two?

The FAQ on our Buy page lists the system requirements:

Script Debugger 8 requires macOS X 10.14 (Mojave) or later. Script Debugger 8 fully supports macOS X 11 (Big Sur) and runs natively on M1 Macs.

Script Debugger 8 will not permit its self to run on earlier versions of macOS X.

I’m just trying to understand what the software will work on and be supported on - your first reply message you say “current Mac OS version - 1 at time of release” (minus one I assume) based on when SD8 was released, which was during Big Sur, so to me that means Catalina, not Mojave, then the system requirements say Mojave. So that would imply to me that it’s current version of macOS when SD8 released minus two, right?

And the requirements say “or later” so that means all macOS versions up thru Ventura now that it was just released?



Yes, we will support the current version of macOS in our maintenance releases going forward until such time as Script Debugger 8 is superseded by Script Debugger 9. If/when Script Debugger 9 is released maintenance work on Script Debugger 8 will cease. And before you ask, we have not established a schedule for the release of Script Debugger 9 at this time.