Script Debugger 8 (8A18) crashed 2/3/21

System lost “Full Disk Access” for SD 8.0 (8A18) and SD 8 crashed at time 2021-02-03 11:04:02.110 -0800. I sent in the crash report.

I left SD running overnight (it was not performing any actions overnight). Immediately after trying to start using SD 8 in the morning it crashed and said SD 8 needed full disk access. I checked on full disk access and the privilege was now missing. I had full disk access to run SD the night before.

I am not sure if I removed the icon from full disk access and redrug SD into full disk access before using SD 8 (8A18). I would think this would not matter but I am not sure. But full disk access was clearly missing when I checked after the crash.

I re-added SD 8 to full disk access, closed system preference, re-opened full disk access and verified SD 8 had full disk access. I restarted the Mac. I still had full disk access for SD 8 after the restart.

If you are able to reproduce this crash, please provide a crash report here.


Enclosed is a crash report for . This report was actually sent to the console reports.

2021-02-03 11꞉04꞉02.110 (34.0 KB)

Bill Kopp