Script Debugger 7.0.3 Can't Save a New Script

If I create a new script with ScriptDebugger 7.0.3 and attempt to save it, I get an error that says, I/O error (bummers), (ioErr: -36). Why can’t I save a document as a script? Tried saving the script to multiple locations on the disk thing it might be a permission error, but found that is not the case.

Found out the following to make matters more interesting. Forgot to mention I’m running macOS 10.14. Beta 3 (Mojave) and I discovered that if I first save the script as an Application, it does this successfully. If I then open the application and save it as a Compiled Script, it works fine.


I was able to reproduce this problem with Mojave Beta 2, but after updating to Beta 3 the problem is not longer present.

And I’m not seeing it here with beta 3, either.

I’m noticing two strange behaviors. One is the first one I reported inside ScriptDebugger. The other is trying to execute selected scripts from the system-wide scripts menu. When a select a script from the menu, it fails to execute. If i then open the script inside ScriptDebugger and click the run button, everything works as i should. Weird.

Any chance of forwarding your script, or are you saying it happens with any script?

Pretty much happens with any script.

Are they implicitly targetting SD? Can you forward one known trouble-maker?

I can forward a script, a really simple one :wink:


use AppleScript version “2.4” – Yosemite (10.10) or later
use scripting additions

And what is it that signifies that it fails to execute?

No Shane, it executes successfully within SD. When I attempt to save this as a compiled script to my desktop, I get an ioErr = -36

Sorry, I was referring to the other problem you mentioned: “trying to execute selected scripts from the system-wide scripts menu”. That can sometimes happen when a script produces an error and the process keeps trying to run the script again and again. The only solution to that I’ve found is a restart.

Can you confirm exactly which version of macOS you are running (you can copy it from the About box).

Sure Shane, its macOS 10.14 beta 3 (18A326h)

Hi guys,
I am also getting this issue in 10.14 Beta (18A347e). Happy to provide any details required to help resolve this.

Wanted to let you all know that the issue with Script Debugger 7.0.3 and saving script files has gone away with the latest Mojave 10.14 beta 7 (18A365a) release. But now I get that nasty error 'Not Authorized to send Apple events to Finder." Is there any work around to this error?

AFAIK you should only see something like that if you refused permission when first asked.