Script Debugger 6 and backward compatibility

Hello All-

I’m supporting a code base that runs on OS X 10.8-10.11. So far, I’ve had no issues with backward compatibility writing the code in OS X 10.11 and it being functional down to 10.8 using Script Debugger 5. I’m not using any ASObjC obviously, just straight Applescript.

I’m assuming the answer here is “yes”, but upgrading to Script Debugger 6 should not upset this apple cart?


It depends a bit on what you’re producing. You’ll need to check, but I have a feeling Apple changed the applet shell around 10.10, and that applets saved in 10.10 or later – from any editor – won’t run on systems before about 10.8. As Script Debugger 6 only runs on 10.10 or later, you could be stymied if you need to save applets.


Sorry, I meant OS X 10.8, not OS X 10.6. I must have had Script Debugger 6 on my mind.

I’ve updated my post, so that’s good to know that all should continue to work.