Script Debugger 3 Flyer

Here’s a blast from the past, the flyer we used to promote Script Debugger 3:

Those were the days! Do you have a rough date?

if it supported “Mac’s new OS X”, that’d be around 2000, no?

A little later than that. We ran in the emulator for a while before I get Script Debugger 3 working under Apple’s Carbon APIs.

It’s been that long? I think SD 3 is the first version I started using. It’s really come a long way.

I use version 3 regularly for my projects that run System 8.6 and 9.0.4 in the SheepShaver emulator. It’s terrific.

I still use Scripter in SheepShaver for HyperCard. I am embarrassed to say.

Script Debugger 3.0.9 is an authorized download here in case you want to switch:

I never had a Mac until the era of OS X 10.4 or thereabouts, so I’ve had to find all my old software haphazardly. I could never find a copy of Scripter.