Scheduling when scripts run

I’m looking for the best way to schedule when scripts and/or applets execute.

I used Cronnix previously, but it hasn’t been updated and won’t run Mac OS 11.

I have scripts that need to execute weekday mornings (before I start working, so I don’t have to wait for them to execute) and some that need to run at various times during the day on specific days.

I could write a stay open applet that could handle the scheduling but I’m sure this is something has has been solved somewhere by someone.

Any suggestions?

→ Script Debugger 8.0.4 (8A50)
→ MacOS 11.6.2

My suggestion is a system that I’ve used for years. It’s extremely flexible and robust. There’s a brief description here: Look at the most recent post entitiled “Process Runner: A Script Scheduling and Launching System”. There’s a download link to access the files and complete directions for use.

Stan C.

Thanks, Stan, this is very helpful!

This might not be the cleanest way, but if you are already using Keyboard Maestro for other purposes you might just want to let Keyboard Maestro be the thing that runs your scripts on a schedule. I do that here and it works just fine. I’ll be looking into Process Runner because it looks interesting and clever but since I’m already using Keyboard Maestro for other things, it was natural to let it handle the script scheduling also.