Saving to protected folder

I’m editing scripts in the InDesign Script palette.

“/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS6/Scripts/Scripts Panel/aScript.scpt”

When I save the script I get an alert:

Cannot Save Document

Insufficient access privileges for operation (afpAccessDenied:-5000)

First, I think this is new, I have been able to edit and save scripts here before.

Second, is it possible to have SD get access authorization to save? Prompt for user name and password? With out that I have to save to another directory then copy to the folder.

(Third, I am able to change permission in this file in the finder, but I’d still like to authenticate from within SD, if possible)

I wouldn’t be surprised. Do you get an authorization dialog when you add/remove files to it in the Finder?

More recent versions of InDesign support a scripts folder in ~/Library, but I guess CS6 doesn’t.

I don’t know that going down the authorization rabbit hole is a good idea for Script Debugger.

I’ve seen this too in a few other contexts. I’ve traced it down the files loosing their owner write permission. I still don’t know how this is happening, but using Finder Get Info and then correcting the file permissions solves the problem.

Got it. Thanks. It’s kind of a pain for a script like this where I have to find it deep within the bowls of the Adobe folder. (Although I could just use my script that opens the containing folder of the script in the active window).

Control-click on the script in the panel — one of the options is Reveal in Finder.