Save main.recover.rtf in run-only applet?

I’m not sure that this question makes any sense, but here it is:

I export my AppleScript applets in run-only form because I want to prevent non-expert users from doing anything to the applets that will cause them to stop running or display macOS error messages, etc. But in most cases, I don’t want to keep the contents of the AppleScript secret. Could there be an option to include the main.recover.rtf inside a run-only applet, so that interested users could use it to create a modified version of the applet?

I’ve been doing this manually, by copying the RTF into the exported applet before notarizing it, but It would be convenient (at least for me, though maybe not for anyone else) to have this step performed automatically as an option.

The recovery files is best kept for recovery.

Is there some reason you can’t use the description file? You could have a script get the source and include it in the description.

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That’s exactly what I should have thought of, but didn’t. Thank you!