Save bundle ID by script

When running the following script,

  1. on creating the new document, the bundle ID takes the name of the saved file (something like “”
  2. on setting the ID, it takes the correct value: “com.ionah.testID”
  3. when saving the doc, the ID returns to the original string.
set thePath to "" & (path to desktop) & "save ID bug.scptd"

tell application id "asDB"
	save (make new document) in thePath as bundled compiled script
	set tab display mode of document 1 to resources tab
	set bundle ID of document 1 to "com.ionah.testID"  --> this string appears in
	delay 2
	save document 1
end tell

Is it a bug?

Yes, that is a bug. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll get it fixed for the next maintenance release which should appear shortly.

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