Sal's CMDDCONF Automation Conference

Sal Soghoian has organized a macOS and iOS automation conference for Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, Santa Clara CA:

Thanks, Mark, that’s cool. Not sure I can make it, but I would definitely go if you and Shane were on the bill!

I will be leading the one-day “Scripting Boot Camp” on August 8th. So despite the limited time for this AppleScript introduction for beginners, Script Debugger will be prominently featured. After all, line-by-line stepping and SD’s dictionary views are powerful methods for helping new users learn AppleScript. Plus—just like AS Pro Sessions—a few advanced tips will be thrown in, including a very quick glance at AppleScriptObjC.


Hey Ray,

That’s cool.

I wish I could go, but it’s not feasible this year.


How was the conference ?