Right-size columns

In the Finder, there’s this little known feature called (oddly) ‘right-size this column’, which basically means fit the column width to the widest item in the column.

I love this feature and use it a dozen time a day (since I only use Finder in column view).

It would be great if you could implement this in certain areas of SD, especially the Variable pane, where I’m also having to fiddle about dragging the columns to different sizes.




When you have the cursor over the divider in the header row, ready to drag, double-click instead.

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Ah-ha! Thx for that! :+1:

(Ha…well I’ll be…, you can even do that in the Finder, too! Seems to be a built-in property of NSTableView columns…wonder how I never noticed that before.)

That’s right. It does have the drawback that it only resizes one column, which means in some cases you can introduce horizontal scrolling for tables you’d prefer not to scroll. But it’s certainly quick and easy, and something a lot of people are unaware of.