Replacing Filemaker Pro

The price of Filemaker is through the roof now. We’re pretty much paying for OS compatibility and not really benefitting from any new features.

Is there a alternative to FMP that has decent visual layouts and is scriptable?
It seems like the only alternative would be sql with web interface. A heavy investment in time. Time vs Money.


There is Panorama:

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Tap Forms is only $50. ($35 this weekend.)

Its layouts are quite primitive compared to FileMaker.

It has a scripting language based on Javascript syntax. The developer refers to it as an API, but the user guide doesn’t clarify whether it is strictly an internal scripting language or whether it also can respond to commands from other apps.

The developer is quite responsive to inquiries (according to a colleague who uses Tap Forms), and there is a community forum.

Alternatively, Ninox $35 has a REST API that works only for databases hosted by Ninox’s own cloud service.

Have a look at LiveCode: