References to SD6 in the various help images

→ small reference to sd6 in the second contextual menu from the left

→ [PAID] icon still present

→ the blue SD icon is used

→ small reference to sd6 in the contextual menu “open” item

→ reference to folder “Script Debugger 6”

Except for the [PAID] icon and the blue SD icon, the other references are minor, but the whole thing would look so much better with only references to SD7 :slight_smile:

Ok, back to reading the manual !

FYI, most of the images are in the process of being replaced. They’re always the last thing.

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There is also a few references to SD6 in text that may have been missed.

Hey, I got my help search working! Here’s the references to sd6 I found:

How Clippings Work

Script Debugger provides clippings corresponding to all commonly used AppleScript control structures, and you can add your own clippings. Clippings are text files in ~/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 6/Clippings; you are free to add text files here.

In the path

Explorer Windows

  1. folder “sd6docs” of those folders

In the formatted text

How Do I Script Script Debugger?

Script Debugger 6 is scriptable.

First sentence.

Thanks. I think all the references to 6 are nailed down.

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